Wednesday 14 April 2010

Suzanne’s shots with the new camera

Here’s a selection of birds, mammals and insects photographed during our trip - anyone keen on ID-ing the insects for us? They’re in chronological order and I took them using my new camera, a Panasonic Lumix FZ38, bought especially for my trip to Ghana in the summer. I was really pleased with how adaptable it is. It took great landscapes (see previous post), some pleasing macro shots of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies and with it’s 18x optical zoom I even got a few decent bird shots although they obviously do not compare to the Canon photos…

Sparrow weaver collecting nest materialP1000142_smallP1000145_small

Warthogs were always unnerving close to the camp!P1000148_small P1000152_small

An excellent example of just how tatty the butterflies were, it would appear that the birds are pretty good at catching them but only by their wings. This one looks like it’s been nibbled at least five times and still lived to tell the tale… P1000154_small

The crocodile was just across the river from our lodge and the sloshes in the middle of the night were quite alarming! P1000162_small

Hippopotamus' were very common all along the river…P1000169_small

This Malachite kingfisher doesn’t really compare to David’s shot posted last night but it’s just a point and shoot camera remember! P1000174_small

David struggled to get his exposure compensation right on this bee-eater but my camera did ok! P1000179_small

A rather handsome Reed Cormorant. P1000180_small

The elephants were amazing, we sat in our boat just metres away from a herd of over sixty. They even came and played in the river with us. Have you ever seen an elephant attempt a backwards roll in the water??? P1000244_small P1000248_small

Well posed Impala… P1000261_small

Lots more butterflies… P1000314_small P1000316_small P1000319_small P1000322_small P1000333_small P1000334_small P1000335_small P1000339_small

A blue-tailed skink P1000393_small

This very obliging Hammerkop was sat just outside our apartment at Lake Malawi P1000401_small P1000405_small P1000411_small P1000416_small P1000423_small

My attempt at Pied KingfisherP1000471_small

Another Reed CormorantP1000469_small

Yellow baboon P1000473_small

It took almost a week to see a House Sparrow! P1000485_small P1000493_small P1000499_small P1000502_small

Just one locust P1000504_small

A praying mantis watching me very closely as it’s sat on the wall of our apartment! P1000542_small

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