Wednesday 14 April 2010

Malawi scenery

While David’s at work and I’m putting off packing for my training expedition for Ghana this weekend I thought I’d pop a few of my favourite scenery shots up… It is such a beautiful country.

The first three are all taken from a boat on the Shire river…P1000196_small


This was the view from our balcony at the Mvuu wilderness lodgeP1000268_small

A view from the Zomba Plateau P1000306_small P1000367_small P1000375_small P1000377_small

A view from the hotel at Sengabay on Lake Malawi P1000387_small P1000414_small 

A sunset over the marshes P1000432_small P1000441_small

After a heavy storm at Lake Malawi before the winds picked up again P1000442_small

Ok, not strictly scenery but I love this shot of a kingfisher hovering in the sunset before it went in for the catch… P1000511_small

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