Saturday 24 April 2010

Local pics

More from Malawi in a day or two, but first a few common bird photos taken locally over the last two weekends. This selection of wildfowl was taken at Fishers Green, in the Lee Valley.

drake tufted duck 2    egyptian goose    mute swan head mute swan duck pochard 2

Next, one of Wanstead’s finest – this male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker showed fantastically well, drumming and calling this morning. Not particularly obliging for photos, but they’re always a cracking little bird to see…lswoodpecker

Also following in Jono’s blogging footsteps, a Reed Bunting portrait from Rainham in this evening’s sunshine:

reed bunting 

And finally, this Goldfinch wasn’t the main attraction at Welney today… but it was a lot more accommodating than the white-spotted Bluethroat, which was very elusive and only showed briefly in a three hour vigil!


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