Sunday 18 April 2010

Malawi: Mammals and other wildlife

sable antelope Sable Antelope: one of the mammal highlights of the trip, we found two of these striking animals deep in the mopane woodland around Mvuu.

waterbuckWaterbuck: fairly numerous around Mvuu, though only seen in small groups

kuduKudu: despite seeing quite a few of these handsome large antelopes, it took us a couple of days to find any that really posed for photos

rock hyrax Rock Hyrax: seen around the Safari Beach Lodge hotel, near Lake Malawi

hippo with egret Hippo: Mvuu means Hippo in the local language, and there was certainly no problem finding plenty of these along the river.

nile crocodilesNile Crocodile: another common resident around Mvuu, pretty close to our accommodation as well!

monitor lizard Monitor Lizard: after a very near miss with a large Monitor that crossed right in front of our 4x4 on the first evening, we only saw a couple more during the trip. I guess this one was around 3-4 feet long – they do get a bit bigger as well!

locust Locust: this was the first time that we’d seen the Locusts that cause so many problems destroying crops etc in southern Africa… an impressively large creature!

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