Saturday 17 April 2010

Malawi: waterbirds

So, after spending most of the afternoon editing photos, it’s time to publish the first batch of the results. Most of these shots were taken in the vicinity of Mvuu Lodge, in the Liwonde National Park, where a number of boat safaris provided an excellent (and relaxed) means of getting close views.

white-backed night heronWhite-backed Night Heron: generally a tricky bird to see, this was one of two seen well in dense vegetation along the banks of the Shire River.

black crakeBlack Crake: several seen around Liwonde, this individual showed particularly well from our boat.

hadada ibis Hadada Ibis: flocks of this smart ibis leaving their roost provided our regular pre-dawn alarm call at Mvuu!

little bitternLittle Bittern: one of several seen briefly around Liwonde

little egretLittle Egret: only a few noted, in marshes near Lake Malawi.

openbillAfrican Openbill (Stork): quite a common bird around Liwonde, including a ‘stack’ of approx 60 birds circling on a thermal overhead.

gw egretGreat White Egret: this shot was taken in the late evening sunshine, prior to a superb sunset (and an unsuccessful search for Pel’s Fishing Owl!)

reed cormorantReed (Long-tailed) Cormorant: another common bird seen posing close to our boat

three-banded ploverThree-banded Plover: just a single seen at Mpatsanjoka Marsh, near Lake Malawi

squaccoSquacco Heron: always a smart bird to see

white-breasted cormorant White-breasted Cormorant: ‘split’ by some authorities from Great Cormorant as a separate species

malachite2Malachite Kingfisher: I know, I know… I’ve already posted a shot of one of these. No apologies though – they’re just too stunning to ignore!

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