Tuesday 27 April 2010

Malawi: Birds of Prey

Another of the highlights of the trip was the wide range of raptors seen – not always close enough for good photos, but always spectacular.

african fish eagle African Fish Eagle – this impressive bird was probably the commonest raptor. Seen and heard frequently at Mvuu and Lake Malawi.

bateleurBateleur – plenty seen in Liwonde, readily identifiable by the unique profile with trailing legs.

 african hawk eagle African Hawk-eagle – this pair was well spotted by our guide, Abasi, from our boat on the Shire River

bb snake eagle Black-breasted Snake Eagle – this bird treated us to a superb flyover on an early morning 4x4 trip

crowned eagleCrowned Eagle – a couple seen on the Zomba Plateau, reminding me somewhat of a strongly marked, short-tailed Honey Buzzard

gabar goshawkGabar Goshawk – another flyover near Mvuu

martial eagle Martial Eagle – at least three individuals seen around Liwonde, this one carrying prey of some description as it sailed high overhead

wahlbergs eagle Wahlberg’s Eagle – several seen, this dark morph had us confused for a while, until it pinched its tail in to give a more typical narrow profile

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