Wednesday 4 March 2009

I might get in trouble for this... a little more Gambia

David's doing yet another late one at work tonight so I thought I'd do some blogging. I have no idea how to edit photos though so these are pretty much as they were taken, which is why I might get into trouble for posting them!

David doesn't like me to take close ups but the egrets were so tame that it seemed silly to do anything else. They're quite cheeky but always wait for you to leave your table before clearing up your breakfast!

Cattle Egret

I had to wait quite a while for the mannikins to cuddle up like this...

Bronze Mannikins

Who knew that vultures dried themselves off like cormorants???

Hooded Vultures

The fantastic spot of Tanji gave me the chance to take my first flight shots.

Royal Tern

Unfortunately I don't recognise this final shot so it must be one of David's - humph!

Senegal Coucal

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