Monday 9 March 2009

Gambia Trip List - part 1

Right, here we go..... if you don't want to see birds from outside the UK, then look away now. In fact, look away for quite some time - I may be a while!

The idea is that I'll post a systematic list of what we saw in the Gambia (13-20 Feb 2008), with details of location, and as many photos as I can (click any for larger images). They're certainly not prize-winning material, but hopefully you'll get a taste for the amazing diversity of the birdlife in the country, and find one or two that you like. Eyes down for a full house...

1. Pink-backed Pelican - 3 around the fishing boats (pirogues, perhaps?) off Tanji

2. Great White Pelican - one soaring very high over Fajara Golf Course

3. Long-tailed Cormorant - noted at Kotu Creek, for at least a nanosecond before we saw something more interesting, like... well, like anything else on this list.

4. Hamerkop- great looking bird (with particularly well-coiffed hairdo), seen well gathering and arranging nest material at Abuko. Also near Kotu, I think.

Incoming... a spectacularly large nest!

5. African Darter - great views of these at Abuko as well.

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