Monday 23 March 2009

Gambia trip list - part 5

41. Lanner - one juvenile over the hyena enclosure at Abuko, happily wheeling around harassing the vultures. Brilliant bird!

42. Red-necked Falcon - one along the seaward side of Bijilo. Other people saw them looking north from the Senegambia.
43. Grey Kestrel - one in paddyfields on the opposite side of the road to Abuko
44. Common Kestrel - one or two single birds
45. Double-spurred Francolin - one at Bijilo, close but briefly, as you'd expect!
46. Painted Snipe - a male seen briefly twice in the margins of the shallow mangrove creek to the west of the maion Kotu Creek bridge. Go west from the bridge along the south side of the creek, to reach another track running from the road to a hotel; cross straight over this, and check the creeks to the north (i.e. seaward side).
47. African Jacana - seen on lily pond near the Casino Cycle Track, also at Kotu sewage ponds and nearby fields

48. Senegal Thick-knee - several easily seen at Abuko from the hides.

49. Black-headed Plover - two pairs on the Fajara golf course

50. Spur-winged Plover - abundant

51. Wattled Plover - pair at Abuko

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