Wednesday 18 March 2009

Gambia trip list - part 3

Arrrghhhh.... we've barely started the Gambia list, and already missed one! With apologies to the rather charming (though not-really-that-rare) species concerned, I should add...

18. Little Grebe - on the lily ponds near the casino cycle track.

And now back into sequence (according to the Barlow field guide - thanks Paul!):

19. Yellow-billed Stork - one high over Fajara, together with ...
20. African Spoonbill - several over Fajara
21. White-faced Whistling Duck - 200+ around the sewage treatment works at Kotu, much more satisfactory to see them here than in the many British captive collections.

22. Sacred Ibis - ones and twos around Kotu
23. Osprey - several singles seen (Bijilo, Tanji and Abuko, at least). Note the colour ring on this bird - wonder whether it's migrating north towards the UK at the moment?

24. African Harrier-Hawk - one each over Bijilo and Abuko
25. Palm-nut Vulture - couple perched in palms at Abuko, plus other singles elsewhere
26. Pied Crow - ubiquitous
27. Hooded Vulture - beyond ubiquitous! Practically never out of sight in the sky during daylight hours. Many (I guess up to about 100) around the Senegambia Hotel, where we stayed, particularly at feeding time late morning. This tourist attraction was then followed by...


... and looking rather bedraggled afterwards!

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