Tuesday 17 March 2009

Gambia Trip List - part 2

Loads of herons and egrets wherever we went - some familiar from Europe, and some not.

6. (Black-crowned) Night Heron - adults and juveniles at Abuko, amongst other sites

7. Cattle Egret - ever present!
8. Squacco Heron - just one or two seen around Kotu Creek

9. Striated Heron - this one at Kotu Creek, plus others nearby

10. Black Egret - a few seen 'umbrella-fishing' around the mangroves creeks at Kotu
11. Intermediate Egret - just one, with useful comparison to all three other white egrets, in paddyfields on the opposite side of the road to Abuko
12. Western Reef Heron - several around Kotu, and one on the beach at Tanji

13. Little Egret - various sites
14. Great White Egret - common, this one showing well at the lily pond near the Casino Cycle Track

15. Black-headed Heron - about 10 at Abuko, plus a few others elsewhere
16. Grey Heron - a few singletons around Kotu
17. Purple Heron - one at Abuko


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Excellent images! I want to go!

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

PS Get your world list on Bubo!