Sunday 5 September 2010

Suzanne’s month in Ghana – part 2

Ok, so here’s the next instalment. These are the photos from R&R, which we spent on the coast at Cape Three Points and Axim. We had an amazing few days and I fell in love with Cape Three Points almost instantly. I’m afraid that I have to admit to being completely at home there with my bins round my neck and camera attached to me at all times. What has David done to me???

P1010456_edit P1010459_edit 

View from my bed at Cape Three PointsP1010461_edit

View from our cabin at Cape Three PointsP1010515_edit 

Weaver bird nests at the mouth of the river at Cape Three PointsP1010537_edit P1010549_edit P1010550_edit P1010615_edit

Our cabin at the Eco-lodge in Cape Three PointsP1010643_edit P1010649_edit P1010650_edit

Axim P1010658_edit P1010669_edit

View from our apartment at Lou Moon, AximP1010663_edit P1010680_edit P1010687_edit P1010690_edit P1010693_edit P1010705_edit P1010732_edit

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