Monday 6 September 2010

Suzanne’s month in Ghana – insects, not moths and butterflies…

I have no idea what most of these insects are but when the girls got too much for me I wandered off to see what I could find and photograph. The moths and butterflies will come later but I hope you’ll agree that I found a reasonable selection of other things too… You might want to click on some of them to get a better look.

Rhinoceros BeetleP1000827_edit 

Some kind of cricket…P1000952_edit

Goodness only knows how I spotted this stick insect but it was my first wild one!P1000968_edit 

I have no idea what this one is but his eyes are pretty cool!P1000986_edit

You definitely need to zoom in on this one’s back, stunning.P1010057_edit 

This was a really small creature and it took me ages to get this shot but his eyes were on me the whole time.P1010062_edit 

I really liked these because they were so well camouflaged and incredibly hard to see, genius. (If, like David, you can’t see it, just look for the horizontal bits in the photo!)P1010064_edit 

I was really stressed out at this point, the girls had taken us to an abandoned bead factory in the middle of nowhere, had taken all of our bags off the roof of the tro-tro and were about to send it away with no plan B. Thank goodness for this dragonfly, which kept me nice and calm!P1010117_edit P1010120_edit 

Possibly another cricket…P1010560_edit

I watched this insect for about 20 minutes. It was burrowing a hole in the sand, which is nearly as deep as it’s body is long. It came back out, flew towards me, dumped the sand about a metre from the hole and worked absolutely tirelessly. Very odd little creature.P1010581_edit 

Again, no idea…P1000871_edit 

This one scared us as it flew straight passed our faces when we were having a budget meeting and landed on our window right next to us. No idea what it is though.P1010031_edit

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