Thursday 23 September 2010

PG Tips in the bag...

Success! Much better day today, despite dipping the Brown Flycatcher at first light. We finally departed Tingwall at 10am, having just received happy news that a certain Locustella was still present.

After a slightly bumpy flight, we got dropped off down in the south of the Isle, at Leogh. The warbler had been seen just ten minutes previously but still subjected us to a nerve wracking 45 minute wait, before appearing on the verges of the lane. After a series of brief views in flight and glimpses on the deck, it finally ended up in a tiny walled enclosure, where it sat up no more than 5m away... Stunning!

The rest of the day produced a Corncrake, Buff-breasted Sand and we were in on the finding of yet another Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll, together with an apparent Greenland Redpoll as well.

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