Tuesday 28 September 2010

Getting breezy

Slightly disappointing day today... I had quite high hopes given south easterly winds and a reasonable selection of new birds on the islands yesterday.

We started up north at Isbister, hoping to see the reported Rustic Bunting, which would be a new bird for Dad. Although it was seen first thing, we couldn't find it despite much searching through and around soaking wet Iris beds. Eventually we gave up, and headed steadily south, checking several plantations on the way.

We found two or three Yellow-broweds again, and found another Barred Warbler at Sullom... this time a rather showy individual that posed for photos at close range. Through the afternoon, the wind has been strengthening all the time, and by the time we reached the plantations at Kergord it was pretty strong. The habitat here is superb, offering considerable cover, but we couldn't find much here - we'll have to go back!

Final stop was an area of sheltered cover in Scalloway, where a small flock of Brambling were feeding discreetly in the leaf litter, with smaller numbers of Goldcrest and Siskin.

Looks like the weather tomorrow might be terrible, with even stronger wind and rain. However, given the range of birds getting turning up on the east coast of England, I reckon it might be worth going out and getting wet!

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