Friday 17 January 2014

Bradders Baby Blog

Jessica Bradnum made an appearance early on Tuesday morning, and so the last few days have been something of a whirlwind, in a truly amazing way. Suffice to say that birding is a fair way down my list of priorities just now – below ‘sleeping’, for instance! So anyone disinterested in anything but birds should probably delete the blog from their bookmarks for at least eighteen years a month or two.

However, for those that are still reading, the blog provides a convenient way of meeting numerous consistently-themed requests: “Can you send us some photos?”; “Where are the photos?”; “But there must be more photos…?”; “Must. Have. PHOTOS!”; and so on. So here’s a start.


It’s been an eventful few days: there have been lots of hugs and cuddles…


… the postman keeps bringing us all presents:


… we’ve been out for a little walk, to see some birds…


… one of which Daddy is still unable to identify:


We’ve been meeting people…


And above all else, we’ve been getting to know our beautiful little girl.