Sunday 28 June 2009

Ruddy Rainham Darters

A few photos from an unpleasantly humid wander round Rainham - due to being in the much-maligned month of June, birdlife was generally lacking (ad Med Gull, lazy female Peregrine on a pylon throughout, and a couple of Greenshank were the highlights), but some of the dragonflies were pretty good.

I spent quite a while with a group of Ruddy Darters, using the macro lens on a tripod for the first time - it makes a massive difference, since you can use Live View and zoom in to check the focus point. Click to enlarge any images to get the real deal...

I also played around for a while trying to capture a cracking male Emperor in flight - worse than hard work, but this is partial reward, at least:

And finally, here's some Chicory... just to prove I can identify one or two flowers now and again. (Cue many eminent botanists yelling "That's not Chicory, you idiot!")

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