Monday 22 June 2009

Midsummer Snow Bunting, Cley

A rather long but very enjoyable Sunday in East Anglia took in a number of quality birds, all showing really well. Returned for a second look at (and listen to) the Amwell Marsh Warbler first thing, noting at least 15 other birds' songs in the mix, before heading northwards on a distinctly indirect route. 3+ Roseate Terns on Minsmere East Scrape and 15 minutes of non-stop Honey Buzzard display at the Fulmodeston watchpoint were pretty superb, but a Snow Bunting at Cley was surely rarer in context... and certainly more photogenic. Why was there only one other birder looking for it? Still, that's their loss, since it sounds like it's gone!

Final stop on the way home (well, roughly) was the Woodchat Shrike at Orford in Suffolk. Never been here before, but in the late evening sunshine it was lovely. Less good was the news that the shrike had been flushed by a Barn Owl two minutes before we arrived, and then the subsequent departure of most the birders... However, we stuck it out and ultimately relocated our target, showing well in atmospheric light until after 9pm. This is how midsummer birding should be!

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