Tuesday 30 June 2009

For Sale: Nikon Coolpix 4500 & digiscoping kit

Until a couple of years ago, I spent quite a while taking digiscoped photos, and bought a fair bit of kit to support this. None of it is used any more, so it's time to sell up.

I don't want to think how much I spent on this lot (clue: it starts with at least a 5), but the technology has moved on a fair way. So...

Asking price : open to offers!

The bundle contains
  • A bag in which to put...
  • A boxed Nikon Coolpix 4500 in full working order, including all original paperwork and manual, original battery, battery charger, all cables - see below for photos.
  • An small rechargeable external powerpack which screws onto the base of the Coolpix (or other camera) - this will power the Coolpix all day, removing the need to carry several spare batteries. Cable to connect powerpack to camera.
  • Charger for powerpack
  • Three CompactFlash memory cards (256, 64 & 16MB)
  • An Eagle Eye Xtend-a-View LCS Sunshade and Viewer - attaches with velcro over the screen and magnifies the image so you can check focus, even in strong sunshine
  • An Eagle Eye Digimount Adapter, with 28mm thread for Coolpix. This basically screws onto the camera lens thread, and then slides over the scope eyepiece, and thumbscrews allow you to tighten it on. See >this webpage<>
Note that the Coolpix screen is marked, with the top surface worn away centrally, as shown above. It's still perfectly usable, though, especially with the Xtend-a-view.

Xtend-a-View attached to camera

External powerpack attached to camera


Unknown said...

Dear David,

I am looking for a camera to attach to my nikon spotting scope for an upcoming trip through Africa. I am scraping the bottom of the financial barrel at this point. Please let me know if you can accept 100 dollars. Sorry for the low bid. Thank you.

Dbradnum said...

Sorry Richard, but that's less than I'm willing to accept, plus the fact that shipping to the US (I assume?) would add significant extra cost.

Thanks for getting in touch, though.

King Rat said...

Im interested. Had one a couple of years ago which got damaged. Miss it loads, since i was really getting the hang of it. Email a price your looking at.

Might be able to collect


All the Best