Saturday 6 June 2009

Common Rosefinch, Bradwell-on-sea

While certain other East London birders had gone back to bed to nurse their hangover, I reacted to the news that the 1st-summer male Common Rosefinch was singing again on the Dengie at Bradwell. Arriving at about 12.30, a couple of us quickly identified the bird's wolf-whistle like song from some dense bushes along a ditch... but couldn't see it at all! A few minutes later, a finch flew out of the same general area and headed off very high into the distance, and the singing stopped. Oh dear.

Fortunately, about 45 minutes later, it started up again from exactly the same place - presumably never having moved far. Initially it remained invisible (though singing pretty constantly), but eventually appeared low down in the bushes, and showed pretty well from 1.45 until 2.30, when I headed back for home.

I'd transcribe the song as 'tee suweee teehuuu'.... with the second note slurred sharply upward, and the third sharply downward. Here's some pictures - just a bit of a shame it wasn't a red one!

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Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Tick and Run, hangover not withstanding....