Monday 4 April 2011

Another weekend in Norfolk

Some more pics… starting wih some slightly dodgy ones first, from the Broads on Saturday:


…and then perhaps a bit better quality (photos, not the birds) from North Norfolk on Sunday (where the sea-eagle narrowly eluded us, despite practically flying over Mum & Dad’s house!)





Tim Allwood said...

Hi David

From a good vantage point at Eccles, the WTE was in view almost constantly for around 40 minutes as it came down from Mundesley, close to Bacton Woods (went down for 15 mins), then Horning, Stalham, between Sea Palling and Hickling, over Brograve and then Martham Broad and onwards.

Watching raptors on the move in this area is best done from a 'high' spot where you can track the birds for a surprisingly long time. They seem to cut in at Bacton and then cut the corner coming out again around Winterton. Sounds like several people missed it by trying to 'catch up' with it. Hopefully it will linger.

How was Lithuania? The Jos experience is a great trip. Top man, crazy driver!

Dbradnum said...

We just left the north coast slightly too late to intercept the eagle around the Stalham/Sea Palling/Martham area - and being late for dinner on Mother's Day wasn't an option!

Lithuania was great, if more than slightly bonkers. Stellers at Undva provied a magic moment, after we thought we might dip on open water completely. And, in post-trip happy news, my travel insurance has just paid out for the car hire excess after we.. ummm... slightly remodelled our rented vehicle.

Check out the trip report in a previous post!

Tim Allwood said...


Fantastic stuff. A high quality report. Brings back good memories. My first Steller's out there was a great moment - and my eye froze shut while scoping it! Jos's feeding station looks to have come on a bit, all rather plush now. He's a great bloke, very accommodating and helpful, if a little scary behind the wheel on ice. I managed to repay the favour by putting him up here last year, but it was rather tame in comparison! He managed to do the 'getting the engine block stuck' himself driving along a 'track' that I could barely see in the snow. We made a return visit in autumn which was similarly good value...

And you have the only known photos of him in existence.