Tuesday 2 April 2013

Black Guillemots in Oban

Just one more post from my trip to Scotland, before I return to long-overdue Moroccan pics….

Having arrived back in Oban later than planned, due to exceptionally low tides on Uist delaying our departure by two hours, we opted to stay in town that night rather than make progress a bit further south. With blue skies and sunshine greeting us the next morning, a bit of type around the harbour with the local Black Guillemots was in order! Jono has been here once or twice before, and raves about the photo opportunities – and now I’ve visited too, I can see why. With a high tide early morning, we counted at least 25 birds off the harbour wall near the church, many of which were visiting nest holes in the wall just under the promenade.

We could easily have spent more time here, but these are the best shots I managed before we needed to hit the road for the 9 hour drive home!


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