Saturday 24 March 2012

Deja vu…

Same start to the day as last weekend – a minor spot of Dendrocopos action as the mist cleared and the sun came out. Some better shots this time (IMHO), but still some work to do. They’re simply awesome birds, though, leaving photos aside… I could honestly just stand around and simply watch, and listen.


And since the rest of the day was warm and sunny – what else to do but stroll around a few places and take some more pics. First up, a candidate for the ugliest species on the British List:


… followed by a small sample of today’s four butterfly species – a Comma:


…a spring migrant Little Ringed Plover (rather more distant, at Rainham):


…and finally a couple of commoner species at Rainham… Collared Dove and Reed Buntings.


Apologies for the distinct lack of words this time – but after spending all day out and about, then going out to dinner (mmmm… BBQ Ribs!), the blog is being squeezed into a very small slot before I need to get to bed to facilitate another early start tomorrow. But not for woodpeckers this time!

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