Wednesday 17 August 2011

Pelagic participants and petrel pursuers

In case you’re still not bored after all my photos from the pelagics over the weekend, here’s a quick post to highlight the blogs and websites of the other guys that we shared a boat with – all great company and a good laugh. Some of these sites have already been updated with images from the weekend, and those that haven’t probably will be soon!

I’ve probably missed a couple of people due to not knowing names etc – please leave me a comment if so, and I’ll get you added!

From the Scillies:

From the south:

From the north:

From somewhere in between:


And, since it would be a bit dull to conclude a post about photographers without any photos… have another Great Shearwater!


1 comment:

Phil Woollen. said...

Nice photo's David. So much better than seawatching off a headland in gale force winds.