Wednesday 27 July 2011

Creatures of Myth and Legend

Just a quick update, lacking in photos this time, linking together a few oddities from an enjoyable weekend’s birding in Norfolk. Aside from lots of routine bits and pieces, over the course of the two days…

  • I did see no less than 5 Turtle Doves in a couple of hours – these have sadly got pretty rare in the last few years (partially as a result of Mediterranean folk shooting the hell out of them), and I’d not seen one anywhere in the spring. But then a whole heap all came along at once… happy days!
  • I did see two cracking Montagu’s Harriers… but I can’t tell you where
  • I did not see a Cory’s Fulmar Shearwater that apparently flew past Sheringham while various people were studiously watching the same bit of sea, and yet failing to see it… maybe everyone missed it,or maybe not?
  • I did not see a Little Stint at Cley, despite rather a lot of people arriving in the hide while I was there, describing a fresh juvenile Dunlin, and leaving contentedly
  • I did not see a Savi’s Warbler which some people might previously have told you about, but others suggest they shouldn’t have done.
  • I did not see an Osprey clutching a damn great fish which must’ve flown directly over my head. And that was definitely real, I’ve seen the photos!

All part of the fun…

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