Monday 18 October 2010

Out Skerries pics

Dad and I spent our last full day on the beautiful Out Skerries islands, and were well rewarded with some excellent birds, most of which posed for photos.

First up, this (surprisingly dark mantled) Citrine Wagtail was new for Dad and Paul:


… and shortly afterwards, the Black-headed Bunting was new for me as well. It showed exceptionally well, down to a few feet at times.

black-headed buntingThen there was a Red-breasted Flycatcher, feeding around tussocky grass. Although these are often pretty tame, this individual was particularly approachable since it appeared to have a damaged right wing. It was still feeding well, but since it didn’t appear able to get more than a foot off the ground, I guess the future wasn’t looking too bright.

rbfly1 rbfly2

And then this gave us all some exercise, and lessons in Locustella ID.

gropper1  gropper3 gropper2

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