Tuesday 24 August 2010

News from the Point

A couple of weekends ago, I hit Blakeney Point in search of the autumn’s first windswept passerine migrants. As you may have read elsewhere, we didn’t find much. You might also have gathered that the Sanderling were very co-operative, and perhaps seen an image rather like this one, posing obligingly in mid-air:


However, I can also add breaking news from that day, involving sightings of two minor celebrities from different fields of society. Both of the parties concerned were noted in quick succession, and their similarity of appearance led to some confusion for Hawky and myself…


Anyone able to recommend a barbers in Wanstead? And how many Greenish Warblers will drop out in the clippings when Jono finds one?


Hawky said...

No wonder we didn't see anything at the point, it was all hiding in dense vegetation!!

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Hmmm, I predict escalation.

Dbradnum said...

Of your barnet? Like this?