Saturday 26 June 2010

Heath Fritillaries, Belfairs Wood

Just a quick trip out this morning, enjoying some warm sunshine and smart butterflies. If anyone out there wants to see Heath Fritillary, you can’t fail (as long as the weather’s decent) at the moment in Belfairs – park on Poors Lane between Hadleigh and Daws Heath, and walk NE into the wood. Thanks to directions from Steve Arlow on the excellent UK Butterflies forum, I found the fritillaries in two areas:

  1. walk about 400m along the main bridleway until you see a sign for Dodds Grove on LHS. (I reckon the sign is approx at the red circle >here<). An open ride running north in this part of the reserve was quite productive
  2. alternatively, turn right opposite the Dodds Grove sign, and then turn left at a crossroads, onto another wide and sunny ride.

heath_fritillary heath_fritillary_underwing

I completed my excursion with a mobile phone upgrade – having finally decided that it was time to move over to a ‘smart-phone’, a deal on the brand new HTC Wildfire was just too good to pass up. All I need to do now is work out how to use it!

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