Monday 28 December 2009

Norfolk swansong, and a new London Birder…

Just before I headed back down to London this afternoon, I came across some winter swans between Catfield and Ludham (a regular site for these birds). They weren’t amazingly close, but with the low sun behind them and lots of evocative bugling calls, it was a great way to sign-off in the county for 2009.
bewicksThere were around 120 Bewicks… whoopers
… and a few Whoopers – I counted 13 in a cursory scan.
I was joined in the car by a new birding colleague, somewhat diminutive in stature, and apparently answering to the name of Robin. My Mum and her ever-clicking knitting-needles are to blame. I think he’s more likely to be seen keeping an eye on my garden, rather than joining me on any long-distance twitches… but you never know!

PS... if anyone really likes him, the pattern is here!


Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Does he pay petrol?

swopticsphoto said...

Hi Dave - Robin must have banged his head getting out of the car to see those Swans ? Nice images btw and good luck for 2010. Steve

Dbradnum said...

Steve - no, you'll be relieved to know he's OK: it's a Robin perched on his head! It's unidentifiable from my photo, though... just about par for the course!