Saturday 21 February 2009

First photos from the Gambia

David and I returned from our week's honeymoon in The Gambia with:
  • a trip list of 188 species
  • more than 1300 photos taken with the new camera - thanks everyone! (Canon 50D and 100-400 IS L lens, if you care)
  • many happy memories
  • relatively feeble suntans (i.e. we don't look like lobsters) - it wasn't actually as hot as we'd expected
Sorting the photos is going to take a while (slight understatement there), and we'll post them up here gradually. However, for the moment, here's a few of the highlights - hope you like them!

Little Bee-eater

Long-tailed Nightjar

White-faced Scops Owl

Abyssinian Roller

Pied Kingfisher

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