Monday 7 November 2011

What did YOU come here looking for?

Just been idly scanning the search terms that people use to hit my blog, primarily from Google. Most make good sense – I have indeed written some words about:

  • Shetland bird blog    [alas, no more of this for another year]
  • “isabelline daurian shrike 2011 norfolk suffolk kent”    [well, I photographed one in Shetland and saw the one in Kent]
  • “pom skua 6th november cley”    [though I still maintain the bird I photographed wasn’t one!]
  • “catharus thrush in flight”    [no photos from me on that one, but <gloat >seen a couple this autumn </gloat>]

Stretching back a little further into the archives, we find:

  • birding blogs Texas    [alas, no more of this for several years in all probability]
  • African Fish Eagle   
  • Malawi Mammals
  • real Roadrunner   [and I threw in the cartoon version for ID clarification]

All searchers no doubt very satisfied with my elegant prose thus far. But we move on down the list and find a few less obvious options:

  • “14 point Red Deer alive”    [fortunately I haven’t highlighted the location of one, since I suspect it might be doomed otherwise…)]
  • “Birds of Thailand – grouse”    [doesn’t ring any bells – though sounds like a cryptic crossword clue]
  • “a lot of parakeets in the wild”   [my photos of just two were probably a disappointment]

And then we move onto the real quality. First, I wish Jono would just bookmark my site and stop Googling for it:

  • “attractive sheep”

Yep, really. Happily I am not on the first page of results for this specialist search term, though this post may well elevate my position in the rankings. Still, there’s no such thing as bad (baaaaa-d?) publicity: ewe never know who’s going to be reading your ram-blings. (Sorry – I’ll get my fleece coat.)

And then, finally, we reach the ‘just plain insulting’:

  • “bad photography examples”

I’m not on the top ten there, either, though it’s still something a little short of flattering. If that was YOU typing in the search box: I hope you were satisfied… but if not, please come back later. I’m sure I have plenty of material right up your street!

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