Wednesday 2 November 2011

Getting crafty

The nights are drawing in, the autumn migrants are slowly fading away to be replaced by winter visitors, and the blogging silly season is upon us.

Cast your mind back to last December…

The more attentive amongst you may recall ‘Robin the Twitcher’ making a brief appearance on these pages, having emerged from some festive wrapping paper, fresh from ever-clicking knitting needles in Norfolk. Here he is again, swotting up on some light reading in preparation for an exciting winter at the tip in Rainham, and considering a few foreign trips for the winter:


Clearly when he puts the bins down and poses for the camera, he’s far better looking than the average twitcher. Just watch out for him at the next mega, ladies.


Recently, Robin has acquired some friends. This little chap (yet to be named: suggestions?!) has kindly baked me a birthday cake, though somewhat rudely continues to remind me of my age whenever I walk into the house each evening. Thanks for that, Mum.


And just a couple of days ago, I discovered a new species to science in my front room! The Orange-headed Silky-winged Vaguely Paisley Owl (as its affectionately known) tends to favour exposed low-level hardwood perches, and although currently looking somewhat lonely, I suspect a colony may become established in the near future. Vocalisation not yet recorded, but the bicoloured wing panels and fetching eyelashes are thought to be diagnostic.


This fine beast is the work of my long-suffering and very talented wife, in a short break from working on a major cross-stitch project… getting on for 100 hours worth so far. Clearly this is far more productive and sensible than chasing around the country in foul weather hoping to see little brown lost birds and gain ticks on a pointless list… or so she tells me!

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