Tuesday 27 September 2011

He’ll be baaaaack to see ewe you soon…

First, click here, for some suitable background music.

Take one bird photographer.


Place on remote chain of islands.


Add strong non-migrant-friendly winds, subtract any birds of note.

Observe many more farmyard animals than birds.


Cue amusing conversation.

JL: “Hang on guys, stop! Wait!”

DB: “Eh?” [assume rare bird has just appeared]

JL: “That’s a really attractive sheep.”


DB: “WTF?”

JL: “No, really… it’s cute.” [motor drive fires] “I wonder if it will let me stroke it?” [not sure if the word was actually “stroke” – it was very windy, so I may have misheard.]

jono sheep

Apparently not: access denied.

(By the way, we haven’t seen much today – three Yellow-brows in Kergord, Slav on some random voe, a single Knot, 8 Whooper Swan, that sort of thing).

But Jono continues to have a distant, wistful look in his eye…

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