Saturday 29 May 2010

Malawi – the return!

Sadly, this isn’t a post full of photos from a second visit to Malawi. I’ve not been back, but I have remembered that I never finished posting the best shots from our trip. So here they are…

african mourning doveAfrican Mourning Dove – note also the adjacent Acacia spines; having inadvertantly brushed past some of these while taking photos, I can tell you they’re razor sharp!

boehms bee-eater Boehm’s Bee-eater – a beautiful confiding species, often seen in the shade around Mvuu Camp during the hottest part of the day.

brown-breasted barbet

Brown-breasted Barbet – one of the rarer species we saw; these two were self-found in Mvuu, much to Abasi’s amusement (since we didn’t know what, or how good, they were!)

cardinal woodpecker Cardinal Woodpecker – quite a common bird, but very smart nonetheless

african pied wagAfrican Pied Wagtail – this one was perched on the lamp outside our hotel room by Lake Malawi!

g-h bush shrike Grey-headed Bush Shrike – I spent a long time trying to track down this individual, as it called constantly from thick vegetation. Would’ve been a better shot if it had emerged from the shade, but this is still a decent record.

red bishop Red Bishop – our trip was timed to coincide with Bishops and Whydahs being in full breeding plumage – stunning!

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