Sunday 23 May 2010

Dukes and Ladies

A very sunny trip to Kent today, with Jono and Hawky. Started at Dunge, sadly a bit too late for three Poms that had gone east earlier. The herons weren’t showing either (not really surprising at the moment), but waders saved the day with smart Curlew Sandpiper and Little Stint on Denge Marsh with some Greenshank and educational tundrae Ringed Plover.

Up towards Canterbury, we saw a few Hobby and Buzzard plus at least one Red Kite, before heading into Denge Wood for butterflies in the heat of the day. At Bonsai Bank (approx TR107513) we found about eight Duke of Burgundy, a few tatty Dingy Skippers and a beautiful array of (what I think are) Lady Orchids – tell me if I’ve got these wrong, please! For now, though, I can’t be bothered to type more, and I think a cold beer is calling – here’s some pics before I open it!

 duke1 duke2  orchid2 orchid1

1 comment:

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Indeed they are Lady Orchids. Great photos.