Thursday 30 July 2009

Gambia Trip List - part 9

A few more exotica for your perusal, though looks like I'm a bit light on decent photos. However, I'm determined to get through the list now (even if part of the motive is to clear some hard disk space by deleting duplicate / soft / appalling photos)!

112. Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird - one or two seen briefly at Faraba Banta
113. Bearded Barbet - several seen, included around the Senegambia and at Abuko. Disappointingly, no good photos, since these are rather smart
114. African Pied Hornbill - only seen at Abuko, together with...

115. African Grey Hornbill - at Abuko and Bijilo
116. Red-billed Hornbill - common, numerous around the hotel and various other sites
117. Grey Woodpecker - one very obliging bird around the hotel pool on the last day, plus others at Abuko and Brufut, for instance

118. Cardinal Woodpecker - one seen on the first day around the hotel grounds, and none thereafter!
119. Brown-backed Woodpecker - one at Tujering
120. Lesser Honeyguide - one at Abuko was another of Ebrima's good finds
121. Wryneck - one at Tujering showed briefly
122. Crested Lark - seen at Faraba Banta
123. Fanti Saw-wing - brilliant name! Seen well at Abuko
124. Wire-tailed Swallow - quite common, seen best around Kotu and the track at Pirang
125. Mosque Swallow - Faraba Banta
126. Red-chested Swallow - only noted at Kotu, though I'm sure we must have seen more than this!
127. Fork-tailed Drongo - another great name, seen at Faraba Banta and Abuko
128. Yellow Wagtail - seen at Faraba Banta and on the beach at Tanji (apparently flava race)
129. White Wagtail - also Tanji beach
130. Common Bulbul - very abundant!

131. Yellow-throated Leaflove - Abuko only
132. Little Greenbul - fairly numerous at Abuko... not the most inspiring of birds, though!

133. Grey-headed Bristlebill - almost the first bird we saw at Abuko... a good way to start
134. Oriole Warbler - rather difficult, only seen at Bijilo, and then after a struggle
135. Blackcap Babbler - easiest near the entrance to Abuko
136. Brown Babbler - common around the hotel and various other sites

137. Whinchat - a couple at Tujering
138. Wheatear - one at Tujering
139. White-fronted Black Chat - apparently quite a difficult bird to get, we saw one quite well around some partially built buildings at Tujering

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