Friday 24 July 2009

Gambia trip list - part 6

The more dedicated readers amongst you will, no doubt, have been wondering whether Suzanne and I saw just 51 species in the Gambia in February (setting some kind of anti-birding record), or whether I'm just too lazy to finish writing the report. Yeah, no contest, it's impossible to not see birds in the Gambia - I'm guilty as charged.

However, since the Great Spotted Cuckoo has disappeared from Salthouse, and it's raining cats and dogs outside, here's another instalment...

52. Grey Plover - one at Kotu Creek
53. Ringed Plover - Kotu Creek
54. Whimbrel - numerous on the beach at Tanji, plus others seen at Kotu and around
55. Bar-tailed Godwit - several on Tanji beach

56. Greenshank - around the creeks at Lamin Lodge, plus Kotu area
57. Marsh Sandpiper - one at Kotu Sewage Ponds
58. Common Sandpiper - several around Kotu area
59. Green Sandpiper - around the pool at Abuko
60. Wood Sandpiper - Kotu Creek area
61. Redshank - also Kotu!
62. Oystercatcher - Tanji beach
63. Black-winged Stilt - numerous at Kotu Sewage Ponds, plus others at the lily ponds near the Casino cycle track. Always great to photograph...

64. (Ruddy) Turnstone - Tanji beach
65. Sanderling - also Tanji beach
66. Arctic Skua - one or two, very distantly harrassing terns over the sandbar off Tanji
67. Black-headed Gull - Tanji
68. Grey-headed Gull - abundant along the coast

69. Slender-billed Gull - c10 at Tanji; about time there was another British record!

70. Kelp Gull - one of the Tanji specialities, we saw one or two, though distantly.
71. Yellow-legged Gull - Tanji
72. Lesser Black-backed Gull - common on the coast
73. Caspian Tern - most numerous at Tanji, plus single over Abuko, and several at Kotu

74. Royal Tern - common offshore

75. Sandwich Tern - Lamin Lodge and Tanji
76. Gull-billed Tern - Kotu area
77. Little Tern - few off Tanji

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