Saturday 2 May 2009

What a day!

(Well, more like 'What a 24-hour period', but that sounds rubbish).

After returning from Lesvos late on Thursday night, I've been a bit busy travelling to see 3 new British birds: Collared Flycatcher, Eastern Bonelli's Warbler and Crested Lark. Although I achieved exactly the same thing with Steppe Grey Shrike, Two-barred Crossbill and Pied Wheatear last autumn, this time all three were megas in the true sense of the work... and the rarest of the lot had gone this morning, making my decision to jump in the car with HV yesterday look pretty damn good!

Portland was as appealing as it ever is, in glorious sunshine:

And here's a terrible photo of a stunning bird:

Having also got cracking views of the Bonelli's (and heard it chipping numerous times - weird call for a phyllosc!), Howard seemed very keen that I should see this beast on the way home...

...but the third tick of the weekend was not a plastic duck (contrary to any rumours otherwise!); the Crested Lark showed reasonably well this morning to anyone at Dungeness who actually knew which end of a telescope to look through.

Nice to chat to a few familiar faces on both twitches, too.

Just off out to try to see the local Savi's Warbler now... Scotland trip report, and loads of photos from Lesvos to come soon. Don't go away - unless another mega has turned up!

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