Sunday 3 May 2009

Lesvos - photo highlights

As previously mentioned, Dad and I had a superb week on Lesvos from 23-30 April. We rented a small but very reasonably priced apartment on the edge of Kalloni, owned by the wildlife photographer George McCarthy (see, which was ideal. Why spend more on a hotel when you're out birding for pretty much every daylight hour?! Evening meals in the Dionysos and Ambrosia tavernas in Skala Kalloni were excellent value as well.

A big thankyou to Steve Dudley - his Lesvos Birding website is a great resource before you travel out to the island, and then once you're there, he's organised a sightings logbook in the reception of the Hotel Pasiphae in Skala Kalloni. We kept popping in each evening to see what others had found, and add some notes of our own, hopefully helping other birders.

Anyway, I shall write up a full trip report as soon as I can, but in the mean time, here are the best of my (wildlife) photos. There were a lot of massive lenses being toted around the island through the week, and I'm sure their owners will have some amazing photos.... but given that these were basically just snaps taken while we were birding, I'm pretty pleased with them. Dad's got plenty of great landscape shots as well, which will follow in a few days.

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