Tuesday 14 April 2009

24/7 birding

Still recovering after a mad weekend's birding - hardly spent any daylight hours in the house! Although the year list racked up quite a few more notches involving a reasonable amount of driving, I also enjoyed a few periods of quiet birding doing my own thing. Three hours were spent on Sunday morning carrying out a Timed Tetrad Visit for the BTO's Bird Atlas project in a woodland near me - I'm suppresing all the megas, but singing Nuthatch, loads of Woodpeckers and lingering Brambling and Siskin were all good to see. Half expected to find Marsh Tit, but they remain very thin on the ground down here. On a similar note, but in very different habitat, I spent a good 90 minutes sat in various places along the edge of Dengemarsh Gully watching a heap of Willow Warblers moving gradually inland, feeding right next to me - real birding, really relaxing in the afternoon sunshine.

Some photos from various places:

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