Friday 17 January 2014

Bradders Baby Blog

Jessica Bradnum made an appearance early on Tuesday morning, and so the last few days have been something of a whirlwind, in a truly amazing way. Suffice to say that birding is a fair way down my list of priorities just now – below ‘sleeping’, for instance! So anyone disinterested in anything but birds should probably delete the blog from their bookmarks for at least eighteen years a month or two.

However, for those that are still reading, the blog provides a convenient way of meeting numerous consistently-themed requests: “Can you send us some photos?”; “Where are the photos?”; “But there must be more photos…?”; “Must. Have. PHOTOS!”; and so on. So here’s a start.


It’s been an eventful few days: there have been lots of hugs and cuddles…


… the postman keeps bringing us all presents:


… we’ve been out for a little walk, to see some birds…


… one of which Daddy is still unable to identify:


We’ve been meeting people…


And above all else, we’ve been getting to know our beautiful little girl.



WAWO said...

congratulations Dave, Jessica looks cool and Mum looks well and so all good. Hope all is good.

Regards Simon

Jim said...

Congratulations to you both.
Good to see mum and baby doing well.

The only surprise is you waited 3 days to take her birdwatching. :D

All the best.