Saturday 16 July 2011

Pleased to meet you!

Just returned from a quick venture out this morning, before heading off to a wedding this afternoon. I popped up to have a look at (or, more often than not, a listen to) the Common Rosefinch that’s holding territory near Fowlmere in south Cambs. It was almost constantly singing (a jaunty wolf-whistle, a bit like the title of this blog post), but didn’t show often or for long. In far from ideal weather, this was the best shot I managed when it did perch up in view.


Probably not the most exciting bird you’d ever see, but there it is! Hopefully we’ll be tripping over loads of them on Shetland in the autumn, but passing them by in the search for rarer things…

To complete the online experience, you can enjoy the sound in your living room, too! (Courtesy of Xeno Canto; not the Fowlmere bird)

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