Tuesday 29 March 2011

Birding in the Baltic States: Steller’s Eiders & woodpeckers

About a month ago, Howard, Jono and I went birding in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. (We didn’t actually do any birding in Latvia – we mostly ate roadside burgers, and got stopped for various traffic offences – but that’s beside the point). It was exceptionally cold, –26 Celsius at its worst, but we indefatigably stupidly kept on birding, and had a great time.

Howard’s been kind enough to write up our adventures, with loads of photos (and moderately bad jokes) thrown in. Click the Middle-spotted Woodpecker image below to open it – note that it’s about 4MB, so might take a moment or two to download. Enjoy!


Also, here are some movies, featuring rather a lot of snow and ice…


…perhaps somewhat too much snow, at times.

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