Monday 23 August 2010

Scilly Pelagics: some more flight shots

I spent Friday and Saturday seawatching from Porthgwarra and basically seeing all the same birds as two weeks ago off the Scillies, but this time:

  • in weather ranging from murky, to drizzly, to simply wet
  • the birds were typically way outside photographic range
  • nothing was even a year tick, let alone a lifer.

That’s all OK though – it was good fun, and there was certainly enough passage to offer the possibility of something good.

However, it does leave me a bit short of pictures for this post. Fortunately, though, I think I threatened promised to show you some more flight shots from the Scillies a couple of weeks ago. Here they are – just imagine seeing these through rain-coated optics at considerable range, and you get a slice of the Porthgwarra experience.

sooty3gbb herring_gull lbbgannet_ad gannet_ad2 gannet_takeoff

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