Saturday 6 March 2010

Morocco: more warblers

A few shots of some more Moroccan specialities – we enjoyed cracking views of African Desert and Scrub Warblers in the south east of the country. Desert Warblers were relatively easily found in two areas: north of the track to Auberge Yasmina, about half way between the main road and the hotel; and in the few strips of sparse vegetation between the Hotel Kasbah Said and the Auberge Derkaoua, south east of Erfoud. Both sites held at least two or three singing males.

desert_warbler desert_warbler2

Scrub Warblers were found 48km west of Er Rachidia, in prickly bushes along the wadi south of the road. (Another site nearby is at 43km west of Er Rachidia, though this involves a lengthy walk north from the road). These birds were full of charisma, spending much time on or near the ground with cocked tail sometimes held almost vertical. Compared to the illustrations in the Collins guide, they had surprisingly pronounced black eyestripes – more like the guide shows the Middle Eastern races.

scrub_warbler1 scrub_warbler2 

And although these break the trend from warblers, here are a couple of other stunning birds photographed in the same habitat – Desert Wheatears and Moussier’s Redstarts were frequently seen.

desert_wheatear moussiers

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swopticsphoto said...

Fantastic read Dave - love the birds, text and location. Well done. In April, I am going to attempt a daily blog update, live from North Cyprus. The only issue is whether I can hook up online! Watch this space...Steve