Sunday 24 January 2010

Black-throated Thrush, Newholm

The first long distance twitch of the year was a great success all round: a cracking bird (filling a relatively easy gap on my British List), excellent company from Messrs Lethbridge and Harvey, plenty of good food, and some… …  err… “entertainment” in the pub in Bridlington on Saturday night! £1.50 a pint and karaoke. Hmmm… it seemed like such a good idea to go for a couple more quiet beers after dinner!

Anyway, moving on from that traumatic experience – here’s a few photos of ‘the boy’. The light was really poor so these were taken at ISO 800-1000 and aren’t going to win any prizes, but hopefully illustrate just how well the thrush was showing. Almost constantly on view, it was chasing away any intruding Blackbirds, calling quite frequently, and generally offering superb views. If only all new birds were so obliging.

btthrush1 btthrush2 btthrush3 btthrush4


swopticsphoto said...

The top shot is the best one and my favourite. The pub sounds fun as well - were you all legless like the snowman!!!

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

'the girl', surely....