Thursday 3 September 2009

Canada: the land mammals

Next batch of photos: everyone say 'aaaaah, cute'....

 Chipmunk (need to work out which species in due course...)
Yellow-bellied Marmot - a pair of these had apparently made a rather chic home for themselves along the inside of a concrete crash barrier, which conveniently had marmot-sized holes every metre or so!

Columbian Ground Squirrel - pretty common, and very loud!

Elk - a small group of these were feeding on the roadside just outside Jasper, early one morning. 

 White-tailed Deer - near the western extreme of their range in SE British Columbia


Nathalie said...

aaaaah, cute...

Jonathan Lethbridge said...

Prominent supercilium and eyestripe combined with mantle stripes strongly suggest Aquatic Chipmunk Tamius paludicola.

Dbradnum said...

Very good... see what you did there.

I think the two non-acrocephalus options are Least and Yellow-pine Chipmunks. No idea how you tell the difference!